Announcing the ‘relaunch’ of the original Makhana company!

Today, Madhubani Makhana, with a heritage of nearly 90 years, launches to improve production standards and promote the use of healthy Makhana worldwide. Madhubani Makhana is a family-owned business specialising in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of Makhana in the national and international markets. 

Shambhu Prasad Sah (CEO) and Rohit Chandra Sah (MD) is a members of the Sah family, by far the largest producer of Makhana in Bihar state in India, whose late father Sri Ram Chandra Sah (famously known as MakhanaWala), pioneered the business of raw Makhana back in 1932, at a time when hardly anyone knew about the crop or its health benefits. 

With that heritage the family has naturally remained very closely involved in the Makhana farming and manufacturing community in Bihar, amassing expert knowledge but also keeping a relatively low profile.  

Now that Makhana’s amazing natural health benefits have been discovered globally, it has been heralded as a new superfood and demand is rising rapidly.  

This is great news for Makhana, but there are challenges for the industry. There is a lack of awareness, potential buyers don’t know who to contact or trust. More must be done to regulate and improve production quality, hygiene standards, and the whole supply chain if the whole community is to realise the full benefits of this demand,” commented Shambhu Prasad Sah. 

“This is why Madhubani Makhana has launched to cater to the increasing demand of the global market, to use our experience to help influence change for the benefit of all and become the trusted Knowledge Centre and resource worldwide for Makhana’s amazing health-giving benefits.”

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