Why Us

We are a pioneer in the commercial development of Makhana as an organic food source. Our reputation, knowledge and understanding of the Makhana marketplace are second to none.

Today, we are the world’s leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of raw and roasted Makhana with a team of professionals dedicated to maintaining the highest hygiene standards and the best quality products. To maintain consistent quality we are opening a modern plant in Madhubani and also extending our roasting and flavouring production facilities in the United Kingdom in order to increase capacity to meet increasing global demand. We have a long-established supply chain in place and a large and well-equipped warehouse in Madhubani that has all the facilities for bulk storage. Delivery of large Makhana consignments, on time and to individual customer specifications, is assured.

You can rely upon us – we are the original Madhubani Makhana, with that distinctive, authentic flavour!

Madhubani Makhana - Objectives

1. To promote the amazing health-giving benefits of Makhana.

2. To become the most trusted Knowledge Centre and resource for all Makhana related information and statistics worldwide.

  • We are dedicated to compiling and maintaining authentic researched evidence and facts relating to Makhana. This will include a reference to the best research papers from governmental agencies and universities about Makhana.

  • Our Knowledge Centre is intended to cater to the needs of everyone, providing valuable data and look up references for farmers (training, harvesting, new techniques, industrial applications); food processors; supply chain intermediaries; partners and buyers; exporting; the role of NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development in India); as well as direct consumers. 

Logo of Madhubani Makhana

Our Mission

To promote Makhana as the essential healthy ingredient in diets worldwide and to give back to the Makhana farming community in Bihar.

To promote Makhana as the essential healthy ingredient in diets worldwide

  • build awareness of the unique and proven health benefits that Makhana offers

  • encourage Makhana’s inclusion in everyday diets,  inspire healthier eating and lifestyles

  • and help consumers to enjoy longer, more fulfilling lives. 

Even just using Makhana to replace unhealthy junk snacks in everyday diets would make a significant impact on personal well-being.

To give back to the Makhana farming community in Bihar

  • develop and facilitate less physical and more efficient, modern farming methodologies

  • improve production to increase growers’ income

  • provide enhanced healthcare and educational support

  • compensate growers for the seasonality of Makhana

  • support the local economy and help modernise the whole industry.


To see Makhana become an essential healthy ingredient of choice in diets worldwide for the good of all; for demand to drive a market changing increase in production; and to make sure the hardworking Makhana farming community in Bihar deservedly shares significantly in that success.

Our Story

Madhubani Makhana is a family-owned business headquartered in Madhubani that specialises in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of quality Makhana products across the world.

Our story about Makhana started nearly 90 years ago with the success of our late father, Sri Ram Chandra Sah, who was born in a middle-class peasant family in Madhubani (Bihar, India) and pioneered the business of buying and selling raw Makhana at a time when hardly anyone knew about this crop or its health benefits.

 In due course of time, his business acumen, honesty, the strength of personality and hard work led to the success and expansion of his business nationally and then internationally.  People started recognizing him as the famous "MakhanaWala".

Now, as the next generation, we are committed to continue his legacy and take up the duty to follow in his footsteps and keep his name and values alive. This will be a real tribute to him and we salute our real hero who has shown us the path of success.

Image of Grandfather