About Company


Madhubani Makhana is the brand name of family-owned Makhana manufacturer and wholesale supplier based in Madhubani (Bihar, India), the centre for Makhana production.

The Team

Madhubani Makhana

We have a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals including:

  • Management team

  • Sales and Marketing team

  • Procurement agents

  • Quality controllers

  • Technicians & engineers

  • Packaging personnel

  • Agriculturists

Quality Assurance

Maintaining the highest quality production standards is of paramount importance to us. 

At every stage of the manufacturing and production process, our well qualified and experienced analysts exercise stringent testing and control measures to maintain the highest quality and hygiene standards.  This is also important to preserve the distinctive, natural aroma of the Makhana products for a longer period of time.  Testing includes evaluation of :

  • Nutritional value

  • Edible quality

  • Shelf life 

  • Hygiene 

Warehousing and Packaging

Our warehousing locations are all well connected to different transport options. They meet all compliance requirements with regard to cleanliness and are fumigated regularly to eliminate any invasive pests.  We also have strict fire safety arrangements

The packaging we use has been designed to retain the freshness of the Makhana product for as long as possible.  We also provide customized packaging services to meet our customers' requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

We are a customer-centric organisation.

Our products are offered to customers at very competitive market prices, bulk purchases can be shipped quickly and any special customer requirements are addressed efficiently.

We maintain very transparent trade practices and all payment options are available, including cash and cheque. 

We hope your journey with us will be insightful and valuable for you.